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About Jack Burke & Associates, Ltd.

'sorting truth from deception and developing facts in order to give our clients an opportunity to prevail'

Jack Burke & Associates, Ltd. is a licensed and insured Illinois Private Detective Agency which offers general and financial investigations for the business and legal communities. Since our inception in 1994 we have taken pride in maintaining long-term relationships while working on a referral basis. We have a network of both international and national experts that assist us in our efforts on behalf of our clients. We employ a collaborative and flexible methodology through our client work product and client budgets.

Client Work Product:

  • Concise, timely oral and written reports
  • Accurate, competent fact and expert testimony
  • Hands-on management of assignments
  • Ethical practices, always in confidence
  • Sound Recommendations and ideas

Client Budgets:

  • Client assignments broken down into work phases
  • Fee forecasts for completing each phase of work
  • Client input to help achieve economy

International and National Services

  • Litigation intelligence gathering
  • Identify, locate & interview witnesses
  • Intellectual property & trade secrets
  • Business transaction & loan due diligence
  • Discrimination & harrassment claims
  • Embezzlement schemes
  • Self-dealing, fiduciary & bribery concerns
  • Funds tracing & asset searches
  • Litigation books & records examinations
  • Process & accounting control reviews
  • Product liability claims
  • Workplace substance abuse
  • Accounting fraud schemes
  • Background Investigations
  • Fixed & rolling surveillance efforts
  • Criminal defense & appeals
  • Corporate employee wrongdoing
  • Bogus insurance claims
  • Difficult process service
  • Covert services & work with informants
  • Purchase & overbilling schemes
  • Employee dishonesty & fraud claims
  • Inventory conversions
  • Liasons with law enforcement

Firm Philosphy

( beyond The Thin Blue Line )

The phrase The Thin Blue Line refers to the men and women in law enforcement: the police and the prosecutors. They stand between anarchy and the people they are sworn to serve and protect. The phrase infers the struggle for truth and justice.

In the the context of private matters, The Thin Blue Line cannot help. Law enforcement cannot help because of the volume of matters with which they must deal and beacuse of their public sector missions. Therefore, we at the firm provide help for clients beyond The Thin Blue Line. We strive to give the business and legal communities their chance to sort the truth from the deception. Our mission is to give our clients an opportunity to prevail, a shot at justice.

The firm's mission grew out of Jack's twenty-three year law enforcement career and his perception of what clients need. Symbolic of that mission and as a reminder to himself and the staff, he chose to have the firm letterhead, business cards, etc. display a thin blue line below the firm name. He wished to convey the idea that the firm goes beyond the thin blue line to meet the client's needs. By extension, we use an expression to address the spirit of the mission. We must 'Dream the dream for the client'. We try to imagine what will be helpful and then strive to find it.

The firm utilizes ten investgiative techniques to find that which will be helpful:

  • Research Backgrounds
  • Search for Assets
  • Interview & Interrogate Persons
  • Direct Undercover Operations
  • Identify & Locate Witnesses
  • Analyze Account Records
  • Trace Funds
  • Preserve Digital/Physical Evidence
  • Develop Confidential Sources
  • Conduct Surveillance Efforts


John T. Burke, President and Shareholder

The published lead of the September 1994 issue of Chicago Lawyer contained the byline "John T. Burke opens business for business investigations." By 1994 Jack already had over twenty-three years conducting investigations as part of The Thin Blue Line , finishing as a detective sergeant in the specialized Financial Crimes Invesitgations Unit of the Chicago Police Department, and almost five years as a manager in Business Investigative Services at the public accounting firm Coopers & Lybrand. Jack is a Certified Fraud Examiner and holds a degree in accounting from Depaul University, where he actively volunteers his time and experience.

Brett K. Starr, Vice-President and Shareholder

Brett's investigative career spans two decades and he joined the firm as an associate in 1999. He specializes in strategic planning, supervises many of the firm's cases, and performs the majority of the firm's litigation intelligence and technical research. He is a graduate of Indiana University.


Jack Burke & Associates, Ltd. utilizes investigators with backgrounds in law enforcement; military; accounting/auditing/forensics; journalism; and communications. The firm also relies on family members who have relevant experience conducting investigations. Assignments are made on expertise needed and by strategic location. Jack, Brett, and their colleagues all testify under oath as expert and/or fact witness.

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